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Say Anything are currently on tour with Modern Baseball, Cymbals Eat Guitars and Hard Girls opening. They are playing Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas on July 31st. Enter to win a pair of free tickets via Las Vegas Weekly here!

The contest ends Monday, July 28th, 2015 at 12:00 PM PT. The contest (ages 18 and older) only includes free tickets, and not lodging, parking or transportation. Good luck and remember–you can’t win if you don’t enter!

You can see our review of the band’s live show in Dallas from last year with photos here.

Say Anything, fronted by mastermind vocalist, lyricist, and musician Max Bemis, has sold over half a million albums of their discography and traveled the world countless times over, performing with bands such as Thrice, Manchester Orchestra, mewithoutYou, Saves the Day, Eisley and Biffy Clyro among many others. This past September, a live performance by the band was also recently featured on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.

Say Anything has been making odd, unclassifiable indie rock music since they were 14 or 15 years old, playing strangely literate and loud rock, characterized by what one might imagine if Larry David fronted a Fugazi cover band with the members of Queen. Not that that’s a stretch or anything.

Having been birthed from the indie/punk boom of the early twenty-first century, Say Anything rose to prominence with their (oddly) popular record …Is a Real Boy and somehow broke the “pretty boy punk” mold by establishing a career that thrived somewhere between music your pretentious college student of an older brother would like and the loud crap that your little brother uses to annoy him with. Say Anything followed that record up with the equally eclectic and lengthy, In Defense of the Genre and their exceedingly bratty (hopefully in a good way) self-titled LP.

All together, those records sold almost half a million copies and were illegally downloaded by even more people, who were too broke to pay for them but still really dug the band. Those listeners did however, care enough to go see Say Anything play, which allowed for them to contribute to a reliably chaotic, cathartic live experience. Say Anything has toured heavily with other weird bands and have established themselves as one of the few bands nowadays who end up as sweaty, busted up and bruised after a show as the people who are actually watching them.

After ending a long relationship with the large corporation who put out their records for many years, Say Anything has signed with the amazing and independent label, Equal Vision Records – who actually want the band to play whatever they want to play and have it be as neurotic and strange as they want it to be. Say Anything recorded their fourth studio album Anarchy, My Dear in August 2011 with Tim O’Heir (the eccentric and brilliant gentleman who produced their first record) and has committed to playing music in this band until they finally, once again, are forced to wear diapers. Their newest record Hebrews came out last June, in 2014.

You can see our review of the band’s live show in Dallas from last year with photos here.

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