Casual Sex

For Fans Of: Wampire, Merchandise, Cheatahs, Skaters, Paws, Speedy Ortiz

The brainchild of one Sam Smith, he and the other members of Casual Sex span a multitude of careering, record-production, studio engineering, countless musical incestuousness’s as well as the fashion and professional telecommunications worlds.

Home is loosely Glasgow’s Green Door Studio where on occasion, ideas are hatched, songs constructed and music recorded. This has occurred
twice previously, accompanied by national acclaim and much critical lauding not just by the media, but particularly by middle aged men in
trench coats ; those drinkers of micro-brewed ale who so frequently reference obscure post-punk in hushed, reverent tones at the dark corner of the bar. However, it is also holds an undeniable appeal that extends safely into the realm of more approachable young men and women.

Various musical influences battle for supremacy and converge, the resultant tracks on this particular release: “Bastard Beat”, one of the most sophisticated retro-Kraut tracks you’ll hear in a decade and we’ll be fucked if you’re not amenable to “Nothing on Earth’s” lascivious mantra into earshot within an enormous wave of like nothing on earth. Also, the sound of Casual Sex perfectly sums up the Glasgow lineage whilst memories of XTC float to the fore with “Then Again” and crimson into earshot before unleashing a wall of Magazine-like squalls of guitar conjuring up a sublime amalgam of proto-punk angularity and seventies influenced androgyny.

Sam Smith sings and plays guitar, Edward Wood plays guitar, Peter Masson plays bass and Chris McCrory play drums – they are considered attractive and references are available on request.

The Bastard Beat EP was released in October of 2013 through We Can Still Picnic and available on limited edition 12” vinyl and digitally through all reputable outlets.

The Glasgow-based band released their EP earlier this year and are returning to CMJ with new tunes. The band are already CMJ veterans, and have tackled touring with Franz Ferdinand in the U.S. + this year’s SXSW. The Wall Street Journal raved “to hear Casual Sex in concert is to recognize immediately that the quartet is tight and talented, smart and spirited. Fun and only a bit naughty, they project a winning, confident air.”

After Casual Sex released their 2013 EP The Bastard Beat, the Glasgow based band soon saw themselves jetsetting all around the world where they played their first ever U.S. gig at SXSW, earning them a spot on the list of the Wall Street Journal’s “Best Concerts of 2013”. From there they toured with Franz Ferdinand before performing at 2014’s SXSW, and then came back to their native land to work on their debut album. That LP is now all finished up and ready to be unleashed soon, but for now they’re streaming the B-side to their new 7″ ‘A Perfect Storm’ / ‘Pissing Neon’. Clocking in at just under two and a half minutes, it’s a frenzied, electric indie-pop with just enough attitude to make sure it can stand on its own.

We recently got a chance to chat with the group, check out the interview below.



How did CMJ go?

 It was great, it was a bit of whirlwind.
What would you say if the best part of going to festivals such as SXSW or CMJ?
I would have to say probably the social aspect of it all. Getting to listen to other bands, and the journalists and social people as well because we get to talk about what we do and what we are up too.
Are there any bands that you listened to while at festivals that you really liked, but never heard of?
Yeah there was a band there that had just signed and there were three girls there that played very credible garage rock. I really liked them, but I can’t remember their names. I am horrible with names.
What was touring with Franz Ferdinand like, and how did that come about?
We really have known him for quite some time, and he just asked if we would like to come on tour, and we said sure let’s see what we can do, and the tour went very well.
What are your plans for 2015?
Getting the album out, the album has been out for awhile now.The main thing is that we would like to speak those labels because we would really like to come back to America for SXSW. We have had invites to tour over there, but it is more about getting the money to do it. In the meantime we have a good agent, and good press, and she is getting everything in place. We want to make sure we don’t bankrupt ourselves doing it.
What is different from playing the U.S. vs. playing at home?
For one the distances are incredible. I really like playing in America, I really think the British touring circle is very tiny, and when in Scotland you get used to playing the same place with the same people where people already know you. However, in America you are getting more exposure, and to a much wider audience. I think it is a much wider demographic. There are alot more mixed ages, and alot more younger people, not so young people, and older people. It is a much more healthier thing.
What does it feel like to be getting attention from media like MTV, Under the Radar, and Wall Street Journal, and how does that feel?
It feels really good to have some of those sponsors that we have had. It is really fantastic, and really makes you want to carry on what you are doing. It is not always easy being in a band, but getting that kind of feedback is really good, and makes you wanna do more stuff.
If you could enter a music time machine would you want to travel to the past or to the future?
I think I would like to visit the future because I spend so much time studying the past, and hearing about the past, but nobody has been to the future.
Are you happy with the way the voting went in September with the independence from England, and how do you feel about that?
I was a bit disappointed, I think it was a real chance for something different. I think we have been a bit stale, and it doesn’t have to do with Scotland, and ruled by a small corrupt elite, and it needed to be shaken up. I think that we have a good chance of that now.
What is upcoming for Casual Sex, and the release of the new album?
Hopefully, we will release it as soon as possible, and it is just depending on labels. Meantime we have another single planned at the end of this year or early next year. The plan after this album is released is to just keep working on new material.
 Casual Sex Band