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One of our favorite bands, White Arrows, are currently on tour. We were lucky enough to get a chance to chat with founder and singer Mickey Church before their upcoming show in Dallas on Thursday night. The Los Angeles psychedelic rock/pop four piece have quickly carved out a space for themselves since forming by releasing two records and touring with the likes of Cults, White Denim, Chain Gang of 1974, The Naked and Famous and more. They released their latest album In Bardo last year in 2014.

Check out our new interview below and make sure you don’t miss seeing them live on this tour!

Who designed cover art for new album?


How did you come across the concept of bardo?

Andrew actually thought it was a good title after hearing all my lyrics were about certain things that seemed to fit with that theme. Circle of life, sex and religious tones.

What was the tour with The Neighbourhood and Travi$ Scott like?

That was an incredible experience to be able to play for those crowds. Became good friends with everyone on that tour. Continue to stay in touch and send each other weird shit.

How did the tour with CHAPPO come about?

We are actually label mates and have never met before so we thought it would be a good fit.

What was biggest difference between first and second album?

The new one is darker and heavier. It was a time capsule of one point and time as opposed to the first record which was recorded in short spurts in between two and a half years of touring. It was also the first time working in a studio and with a producer.  The first one was all at home.

What was working with producer Jimmy Messer like for In Bardo?

It was awesome.  Andrew and I still write like producers at home at the computer but it was cool to bring it in to him and hear a unique perspective we hadn’t thought of. He’s very guitar driven so that was a cool collaborative vision.

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What is your favorite song of yours from your two albums? What is your favorite song to play live?

Right now I’m feeling “Nobody Cares, “We Can’t Ever Die” and “Devil’s Chimes”.  I still love “Fireworks Of The Sea” from the first album.

We know that  Dry Land Is Not A Myth isn’t your new record but how did you decide on that phrase? We have always been curious!

John Paul came up with that one… He won’t tell us why …

Who creates the ideas for your music videos?

We work with directors and come up with concepts that vibe with our style.

How does it feel being compared to Animal Collective?

I grew up listening to them and Panda Bear continues to do cool stuff so I think it’s nice. I think anytime you aren’t what they call “normal” you get compared to Animal Collective.

What are you most looking forward to in 2015?

New collabs. Bigger shows.

If you could live and be a musician during any time period which would you choose?

The 1970s. Seemed more grand and decadent. Higher production values. With not as much over saturation.

Which up and coming other bands like yourselves that you know of or have toured with that you would recommend?

Guards, Superhumanoids, Grmln, Trails And Ways, Papa and Mini Mansions.

How would you describe your live performance, what’s a White Arrows show like for those that haven’t’ seen you live yet?

We like to keep it unique. Lots of sensory overload. Something to look forward to after the stress of the week. Just come in and turn off. Buy the ticket. Take the ride.

How do you want your audience to feel once they leave a show?

Like they need a week to recover. ;))