tp Interview By: Molly Mollotova || Photo: Courtesy of the Artist

19 year-old Terrence Spectacle has been making a pretty big name for himself over the last year. Following the release of his debut album, NuDallas, TS has been going non-stop, performing every chance he gets and working on new material.

Earlier today he released a brand new track called “Night Owl” and in honor of that, he graciously took time out of his cardio workout to chat about his music. Here’s what he had to say:

MM: What gets you hyped about music?

TS: Interactions. 100%. I’m one of those people who has a high-octane energy and giving that to people who aren’t used to it is kind of my guilty pleasure. They’re either really dazzled, like “Oh my gosh, is this guy really this hyper or is he on something?” – And everybody else kind of feeds off that energy. – At live performances they tend to mimic it. They see me energetic and then they become energetic. That’s what drives me.

MM: Can you tell me a little bit about how you got started?

TS: I actually started doing spoken word poetry. I moved to Dallas in 2009 and I was a freshmen in high school but I never really went out to show people, didn’t think it was something of any real merit. But I eventually discovered the Dallas hip-hop scene when I was around 15 and that kind of was a starting point. After that I thought, if I can stand on stages and do poetry then maybe I could give rap a try.

MM: So, what’s with the name?

TS: I never took it [rap] seriously until a few friends of mine coerced me into doing some songs with them.  – A friend of mine had this song called “My Backpack” and we’re in his house – it’s one of those DIY, do-it-yourself home recording studios – and I record my verse and he looks at me and goes, “What are you going to call yourself?”. And I don’t know, maybe that was the universe pulling all my energy together at one time because the very first word I said was Spectacle and a lot of people called me that until I dubbed myself Terrence Spectacle.

MM: Who would you say are your biggest musical or artistic inspirations?

TS: I would definitely say that when I was a child, I was one of the only kids that looked up to William Shakespeare. I had this sort of weird idea in my head that I could supersede him somehow by making poetry. It wasn’t even the driving force behind it. It was just like, this guy was so tight and at a very young age I could understand iambic pentameter.

My three biggest musical influences are: Michael Jackson, number 1, always and forever; Prince, number 2, I really look up to him aesthetically and sound-wise, he’s very much so an architect of sound; another artist of note, everyone will agree – Drake, he’s just fire.

tsPhoto Courtesy of the Artist

MM: So, your debut album, NuDallas was just released last August – How has the reception been?

TS: I think it went very well, thanks to the music company that I belong to, as well as a number of fellow artists, it kind of like of shook the city up in my eyes. It got a lot of people talking, a lot of people gaining a willingness to jump in, it seemed like. — Because they started dubbing the newer artists “Nu Dallas” and that being synonymous with my EP name, it was like I was thrown into every conversation. — I met a lot of people, I made a lot of connections with that EP and I really got to test the waters with what I could do and I’ve evolved, slowly but surely.

MM: So, I heard you have a new single coming out on May 12 called “Night Owl”, what are your plans after its release?

TS: Parker Foster, my videographer, is coming back from Chicago and then we’re going to be shooting the video for “Night Owl” on May 23 & 24. He’s actually done every one of my videos. And I actually have a show this Thursday (May 14) at the Curtain Club and  it’ll be my first time debuting “Night Owl”. After that I have the RAW Showcase on May 30 at Gas Monkey Live! and a few more shows are in the works for June.

MM: I know a lot of people like to as who would be your dream collaboration, but on a local-scale is there an artist you’d really like to work with?

TS: Yes. Sudie. Sudie, hands down. She is the homegirl.

Terrence Spectacle will be debuting “Night Owl” this Thursday at the Curtain Club in Deep Ellum and you’ll also be able to catch him at the next RAW Showcase on May 30 at Gas Monkey Live! Y’all need to jump on the Terrence Spectacle train before he completely pulls out of the station – this guy is going to be huge.

Be sure to give “Night Owl” a listen below and hit up his Soundcloud and Facebook for more info.