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School of Seven Bells have just released their latest track titled, “On My Heart” and what a great song it is.

The song is very beautiful and captivating. A song about the misgivings of love and the trust issues that sometimes accompany that love. It has a catchy beat and even more catchy lyrics. A tale of a love fading away from beginning to end, but in the end the line “With me your loves safe” gives the notable idea that love is all-endurng, especially through the bad times.


This song, and album which houses it, SVIIB , are incredibly significant for School of Seven Bells, seeing as how it is the last album recorded before the death of founding co-member, Benjamin Curtis, who passed away in 2013 from f T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Other founding member, Alejandra Deheza recalled the precious time spent  between the two making this album. Here are her thoughts compliments of their press release:

“That summer, when Benj and I started making the album, was one of the most amazing times of our relationship as two people,” Alejandra Deheza recounts. We were so happy, and we’d finally reached this perfect balance, after going through all the things we did together. There was no baggage, no hurt any more, everything was pure, true friendship. We’d hit every color on the spectrum. We were so close, and we had this flow like we’d never had before. That summer was so happy, and the mood and energy of this album perfectly captures that time.”

“On My Heart” is really a great song and after hearing the wonderful words spoken by Deheza about her fellow friend and musical counterpart, you get a whole new emotion from listening to it and check out School of Seven Bells new album when it is released in February.