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Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange has released an extremely personal new track about the state of the world and his identity as a black man. “Do You See My Skin Through The Flames?” combines eleven minutes of jazzy grooves with spoken-word reflections in what Dev says is a way for him to share the things he’s been thinking about.

Dev posted the track across his Facebook this morning with the following message:

“America is in the middle of an act of terrorism right now, and black people are being attacked and killed every day. Every day I wake up and it becomes harder for me to interact with my friends and the world around me. I am scared, scared for myself, for my family, for my brothers and for my sisters. You may see me write on this page or playing music and see me as Blood Orange or Dev Hynes, but I turn the corner and I am just another black man, a black man that can’t get a cab, a black man that has to be careful how i walk if i want to overtake a young white woman so that she doesn’t feel scared, a black man that has to sit down and be silent when a police car circles the basketball court I play at, a black man that could be shot down at any time in my life, and as I’m dying know full well, that even if they were to catch who killed me, he will get off free. It is an incredible sadness & heaviness. Being told that we do not matter on and on and on day to day to day. America likes to act like a super human yet continues to blame human error for these horrific acts. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

The song’s Twin Peaks-y start gives way to somber lyrics: “Frustration and depression breaks me down / Descending like they wanted underground / The further our journey, the less you care / That’s why you laugh at Kanye when he’s talking in a chair.”

Dev goes on to sing/talk about being pulled out of a cab by police, finding out the history of his surname Hynes, which comes from an Irish word for servant, and adopting a persona based on cultural stereotypes.

Join Dev on this emotional and sadly really real struggle as he sings about Charleston and asks himself, “How can I become anyone?”


Via Oyster