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Bullet For My Valentine have released their second single “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” just a week before their world tour to support their upcoming album Venom, out August 14th.

Venom will be the U.K. metal band’s fifth album and was produced by Carl Bown and Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Machine Head, Trivium).

The band will be releasing a video for the song on June 29th.

Listen to “You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War)” below. Their bassist Jay James left the band in February (see here).

Bullet For My Valentine announced the release of their new album, Venom for August 14 via RCA Records. As a preview of the album to come, the band has released the album cover art and a stream of their first new song, “No Way Out” can also be heard below.

“To write this track I had to put myself into a very dark place, a place I hadn’t been to for a while mentally because of how my life is now, compared to what it was before the band exploded,” said frontman Matt Tuck. “It is one of, if not the heaviest tracks we’ve ever recorded musically and lyrically. I’ve lived with it for a while now but still every time I hear it, it gives me chills. Hold on tight it’s a hell of a ride.”

Exclusive bundles will be available for a limited time via Bullet For My Valentine’s web store. The Bundles include the following:

-Ultimate Bundle: deluxe CD, double LP vinyl, cassette, BFMV Venom t-shirt, signed poster, pewter necklace, and wristband
-Deluxe CD, T-Shirt & Poster Bundle
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Pre-orders and more details on these exclusive offers can be found here.

Some have said that the release of this record marks a major step forward for Bullet For My Valentine when compared to the group’s earlier work. This LP is said to have a new force of aggression behind it.

“It’s pretty hard to sum up an entire record after spending so much time writing and recording it and all the blood, sweat and tears that have come with this one especially,” says frontman Matt Tuck. “It wasn’t easy revisiting some very dark places to come up with lyrical content for this one, but once I knew where it was heading and I was comfortable with letting certain things out – all hell broke loose. It’s easily the most aggressive record we’ve ever done and lyrically it will no doubt touch a nerve with a lot of people that listen to it. I cannot express enough how proud I am of it, and can’t wait for everyone out there to hear it too. We’ve reinvented who we are and are ready to take on the world once more.”

Bullet For My Valentine’s new single “No Way Out” and the tracklisting for Venom are available below. Any further updates and information on the group can be found on their official website.

Venom Tracklisting:

01. “V”
02. “No Way Out”
03. ”Army of Noise”
04. “Worthless”
05. “You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War)”
06. “Broken”
07. “Venom”
08. “Harder the Heart”
09. “Skin”
10. “Hell or High Water”
11. “Pariah”Deluxe edition also includes:
12. “Playing God”
13. “Run For Your Life”
14. “In Loving Memory”
15. “Raising Hell”