Photo by Franey Miller

For Fans Of: RiFF RAFF, Action Bronson, Chippy Nonstop, K-Flay, Anamanaguchi, Kilo Kish

NY-based rhyme-slayer Kitty goes full melodic topline in new single, “MISS U.” Gliding through an instrumental by Friendly Ghost and Matt R, which sounds like classic Mau5 remixing classic Calvin, Kitty shakes off post-romance blues over lush progressive backdrops. This one fits right in with all the Random Album Title we’ve been listening to lately.

Check it below and look for her upcoming FROSTBITE EP, out Novermber 18th.

“I was not myself last year,” she says of recording the EP. “I spent a lot of time trying to figure out ways to bring myself back into my sparkly heart cloud space, and I am 100% aware of how cliche this sounds but music was definitely the one thing that helped me most. Now that I’m back in my heart cloud, I want to make music that will bring people back up to theirs.”


Mumblecore rapper Kitty (formerly Kitty Pryde) previously often drew comparisons to both Danny Brown and Kreayshawn, but she is starting to develop her own sound. She last released an EP called impatiens this summer (see here).

Kitty was still working at an accessory store in the mall as her humorous raps about Justin Bieber, “swag,” and Internet memes began to draw comparisons to Kreayshawn and such, but when “Ok Cupid” dropped in May of 2012, she started to be considered on her own. The track was a deadpan and humorous love letter to rapper Danny Brown with some hallucinatory, witch house-influenced beats underneath from producer Beautiful Lou. It caught fire quickly after release, earning a shoutout on Twitter from Danny Brown and influencing rapper RiFF RAFF to travel to Florida in search of a collaboration. RiFF RAFF and Kitty, who dropped the “Pryde” from her name, released their cut “Orion’s Belt” in June of 2012, which was the same month Kitty dropped her mixtape EP, Haha, I’m Sorry plus “Call Me Scabies,” her parody of the Carly Rae Jepsen hit “Call Me Maybe.” The EP also included the track “Ay Shawty,” which in January of 2013 reappeared on her EP D.A.I.S.Y. Rage, this time in a reworked version with Das Racist associate Lakutis added to the cut.

Kitty will perform at the Roxy in LA on November 18, and DNA Lounge in San Francisco on the 20th.

Update: The EP is now out, check it out below!