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Singer and frontman Ariel Pink has put out a new song, titled “I Need a Minute”, to go with the upcoming film Heaven Knows What. The song, made for the gritty film about heroin addiction, has a dreamlike quality, made by distorted vocals and a slow, rhythmic beat. The track has already been released by Pink, but the movie comes out in theaters in Los Angeles and New York on May 29th, and nationwide in June.

The song sounds like a bad nightmare, and even comes with a music video filmed in numerous public restrooms in New York City. It diverges greatly from Pink’s often poppy style, but fits in with the musician’s quirky, and sometimes dark, personality. Also present in the song are conflicting backtracks that were all over Pink’s previous albums, most notably Pom Pom, Pink’s first and only-to-date solo album.

The movie, directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, is based on the memoirs of heroin addict turned Hollywood actress Arielle Holmes, called Mad Love in New York City. She was discovered by Josh Safdie two years ago in New York’s Diamond District, where she spent a lot of time as a homeless teen. She eventually related her tumultuous life story to Safdie, and the director decided to make a film based off of her written memoirs, which he encouraged her to write. The film stars Holmes as herself, telling her own story. Under the Radar reported that Pink was originally considered for the role as Holmes’ boyfriend Ilya, but the part was given to Caleb Laundry-Jones instead.

Pink has been putting out a wide range of music ever since he disbanded his group, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, in 2012. Since then, the artist has simply gone by Ariel Pink, and adopted the moniker previously made for the band itself. His greatest solo success so far has been with the song “Put Your Number in My Phone”, featured on Pom Pom. This will be the first time a track of Pink’s will be released with a major motion picture, however.

You can check out the trailer for the film below, which features portions of Pink’s “I Need a Minute”.