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For Fans Of: MSTRKRFT, Purity Ring, The Knife, Doldrums, Die Antwoord, M83

Experimental electronic group Crystal Castles has released another new single, “Decide.”

“Decide” is the second song released this year. In April, the creative force behind the group – producer Ethan Kath – debuted the first new song, “Frail” (listen here), which featured Crystal Castles’ new vocalist Edith, who came on board following the departure of the band’s previous vocalist Alice Glass in the fall of 2014. Additionally, “Frail” served as the track that introduced Edith to the group’s fans.

This new song opens with a series of synth sounds that come together to create a sonic and atmospheric musical texture. However, at 0:35 seconds in, this sonic soundscape transitions into a pulsing track that features a thumping beat that underpins the remainder of the nearly 5 minute long piece. With the beat in the background, this song becomes one that has the potential to get your head nodding along to the catchy track. While there are slight musical transitions, the backing drum looped beat remains constant and helps Crystal Castles’ create a song that hangs together from start to finish.

It is over this range of synth sounds and catchy beats that vocalist Edith croons, “Their kindness is charade/ It’s used to sedate/ They remain unashamed.” Her vocals, here, possess a light and airy quality that fits in with the atmospheric nature of the Kath-produced track.

Take a listen, below.


Lastly, these two recently released tracks – “Frail” and “Decide” – have fueled speculation about a new album. Producer Ethan Kath addressed this question in an interview with Pitchfork stating that Crystal Castles’ is “in studio writing and recording a new album.”