MJ Pokkula, the daughter of Tony Pakulla, has shared previously unseen photos from Nirvana’s first ever show from March 1987. The concert took place at 17 Nussbaum Road in Raymond, Washington at a house party. Tony Poukkula lived in the house and played second guitar on at least the two Led Zeppelin jams. The main Nirvana lineup was Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Aaron Burckhard. Pokkula’s daughter recently tweeted, “My Dad went to high school with Kurt and played with him before he got big.”

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Incomplete Setlist:
Aero Zeppelin
If You Must
Heartbreaker (jam)
How Many More Times (jam)
Mexican Seafood
Pen Cap Chew
Spank Thru
Hairspray Queen

Greg Prato interviewed Nirvana author Nick Soulsby in April for Alternative Nation, and Soulsby discussed Nirvana’s first show.

“I enjoyed recounting the story of Nirvana’s first show entirely through their then manager Ryan Aigner plus Tony Poukkula and Duke Harner from the band Black Ice who lived in the house in Raymond where it took place. They made it really personal, this sense of Nirvana having to be railroaded into playing, then being jumpy and nervous performing.”

According to Nirvana Guide, Kurt Cobain reported that Nirvana played Flipper’s “Sex Bomb” for 30 to 60 minutes at their first show, but this was probably one of Kurt’s fabrications. Before “Hairspray Queen,” Kurt sang a few lines of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence.”

Via Alternative Nation