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In a previous interview in May of 2015, Tyler, the Creator heavily implied his group Odd Future was “no more” (see here). After some vague tweeting and considerate drifting apart of members, we’re still unclear what the path of Odd Future is really taking. Tyler, the Creator seemed sentimental about the group in an almost nostalgic way further emphasizing the drifting of the group.

Two months later, we have other weigh-ins from other members of Odd Future. Earl Sweatshirt explained that Tyler was just “solidifying the obvious”. Other interviews supported this claim, such as an interview with All Hip Hop with Matt Martians of The Internet– also a member of Odd Future. Of course, the topic at hand was centered around Tyler, the Creator’s comments and tweeting about the group being broken up. Martians said the following about Tyler’s comments:

“It needed to be said because I think it’s important for our progress, and other people in Odd Future’s progress, to shed that name. It’s a badge. It’s a great thing. Everything has to move on. Everything has to have closure. I think what rose from that is what really matters. A lot of great careers spawned from that, and a lot of great careers will continue to spawn from that.”

Odd Future Wolfgang Kill Them All, abbreviated to OFWGKTA and then just shortened to Odd Future have been active since 2007. The American hip hop group had numerous rappers, singer-songwriters and producers. They also had many smaller subgroups to Odd Future, possibly leading to the quiet dissolution of the group. Musicians, especially young ones, are always looking to advance their careers and experiment with their talents. That is a true passion – to find new ways to share their music and create it.

Most members have begun to move on to new groups, such as Matt Martians moving on with the new group (still affiliated with Odd Future) The Internet. Again, what is emphasized within Matt’s comments in his All Hip Hop interview was that it was a collective decision to start moving away from the idea of Odd Future. It should not be seen as a group that is deciding to end their work from lack of success, as we’re all sure how Odd Future provided many artists within that group to branch out and experiment. Instead, wear it as “a badge”. Progress means always moving forward, and we’re excited to see how the members of Odd Future will progress in the determination to get rid of the name Odd Future and develop their singular talents as artists.

The Internet just released their new third album Ego Death recently, check it out and their new video “Girl” here.