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Jacuzzi Boys, Shannon And The Clams, Allah-Las

After announcing their fourth studio album POSTER earlier this summer the Long Beach trio Tijuana Panthers are back today with a new single from the album. The second offering, “Set Forth”, is an immediately gratifying ride through surf punk waves of a funky bass line and crunchy guitar riff. The band is also excited to announce their album release show at The Regent in Los Angeles on September 4th. For the show the Panthers will be joined by fellow SoCal-based acts The Garden and Adult Books.

POSTER will arrive on at the end of the month, right in time to reflect on this summer and summers past. Look out for the album, which is now available for pre-order, on 8/28 via Innovative Leisure. Check out the stream of “Set Forth” and full album details below.

Album Release Show –
9/4 – The Regent – Los Angeles, CA
w/ The Garden & Adult Books

The Tijuana Panthers are from Long Beach, a great band, staring at thevsea, staring at the sand… POSTER is their latest album.

POSTER? As in Post Punk? Post Surf? Post Cowpunk? How about post any wave that has come and gone and will come back and go again? Post all that. How about putting the ‘post’ back in posterity? POSTER is another great record by the Tijuana Panthers! Not just for posterity’s sake – for RIGHT NOW!

Earlier Tijuana Panthers albums were urgent – as if cranking out the hits was objective number one. They cranked out the hits and they did it true. From point A to point B. But POSTER is the Tijuana Panthers now, at their most confident and present minded. They have arrived. They’ve stepped out of the past or future and into the now. Go back if
you must to revisit the hits, but POSTER is now, I say! There is no longer a race against time.

On this album the hit feeling is all around you. They are exploring the time and space of that feeling. Sounds come and go, maybe to return, maybe not. This is the Tijuana Panthers freed from the tried and true structure. They have freed themselves only to be trapped again and again, in this moment, making noise, stretching out, letting odds and ends fall where they may. After all, this album was recorded in just two days! No time for fallacy! No time for façade! POSTER is but a moment to be lived and continually re-lived! What else do we have? Truth itself?! All I know – and can ever know – is this moment
now, POSTER, apartment windows opening and closing, lyrics passing like ads on buses, tones swelling and crashing through breezeways…


Tijuana Panthers
(Innovative Leisure)

1. Foolish
2. Church Bell
3. Set Forth
4. Send Down the Bombs
5. Power Plant
6. Miss You Hardly Know Me
7. Gated Patio
8. I Hate Saturday Nights
9. Front Window Down
10. Monitor
11. Right and Wrong
12. Trujillo