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“The Magic Morning” is just as theatrical as Titus Andronicus. No, not the Shakespeare play. Although the band has a continuous attachment to the playwright’s titles.

Titus Andronicus’ upcoming album The Most Lamentable Tragedy is another Shakespeare title, and just like these highly known plays, +@ are anthemic in all wakes of their style; Lead singer Patrick Stickles’ rugged and outspoken vocals have always emphasized a pang of emotion that through his music hits you directly in the gut, either personally, from the coarseness and hyperactivity of their sound, or the sheer fact that this band has gone to the length of writing an entire album based on the Civil War. Now, with TMLT, they’ve made a 29-song rock opera about manic depression.

With the band’s fifteen-minute film, the enterprising theatrics continue on through Patrick Stickles’ choreographed catharsis of defiance, performing the band’s two singles “Dimed Out” and “Fired Up” as well as a cover of Daniel Johnston’s “I Had Lost My Mind,” all songs that are a part of the “Second Act” out of five on the album. The video shows Stickles facing a bearded version of himself, singing each song with every bit of energy aforementioned.

Stickles directed the video himself and in the band’s PR statement says, “We can do anything we decide to be our will, and I am proud to say this little movie was done entirely ‘in-house,’ in one day. Doubt and deny +@ at yr own peril.”

“I know people are listening to TMLT somehow—I just know it—I want to share it with them,” said Stickles, “but I want them to understand it—help me—tell my story—”

The Most Lamentable Tragedy will be released July 28th. The band will be playing a four-day stint at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn during its release. Along with the video, the band has also released all of the lyrics to the album here. Watch “The Magic Morning” below. You can see the album cover art and tracklisting here.