For Fans Of: Robert Delong, Twenty One Pilots, Hunter Hunted, Royal Teeth, Youngblood Hawke, The Limousines

American Authors sure knows how to make a summer smash!

Their latest hit, “Go Big Or Go Home”, was released in back in May and has been making its way around the TV circuit. It was on the highlight reel during NBA TV’s Best Of the NBA Finals, can be heard in a recent episode of CBS’ new reality show The Briefcase, and has been featured in a couple promos as well!

After teasing via social media, now they’re premiering the music video for this huge hit. It opens with the catchy tune playing while the band frolics through a field with a rainbow zebra and a flying dragon, in a world where everyone and everything is cut out of paper!

When the banjo gets louder during the chorus that’s when all the magic happens. And by magic, we mean some really crazy sh*t like children flying into outer space, or adventure enthusiasts meeting up with a dinosaur.

Oh, and did we mention EVERYTHING is made out of paper and it’s totally awesome?!

This fun-filled jam is off American Authors’ new upcoming second album, which is set to drop in September!

But for now, get your fix by ch-ch-checking out the video for the FIRST TIME EVER below.

Via Perez Hilton