For Fans Of: The XX, Diamond Rings, The Neighbourhood, Peace, Purity Ring, The 1975

“If we wanna stay here, can we see the waves. They’re spilling over us, filling our insides in the rising water, in the rising tide,” said the singer in her new video for CHVRCHES’ “Empty Threat” single. If you thought that Pussy Riot’s performance at Dismaland was interesting, how interesting is it that a group of goth teens go to a water park when no one is around and enjoy themselves in the water? That is exactly what the single for “Empty Threat” does.

CHVRCHES’ new single “Empty Threat”, is the third single to be released from their album, Every Open Eye. The other singles that were also released from the album include “Clearest Blue” and “Leave A Trace.” The video directed by Austin Peters, the teenagers dressed in black are enjoying themselves in a water park. But it is the lyrics in the popular electro pop trio from Glasgow, Scotland’s single that sets the tone. Occasionally you get the morbid obsession with death, hence the black, but CHVRCHES takes it a step further saying that this harmless play is all a precursor to someone dying from water, drowning in alcohol, or even just the feeling of drowning. People think that water doesn’t kill you, but drinking too much can cause a lot of problems for your body. But even before the teens head to the water park, they are drinking alcohol and going to other empty places before heading into the water. It’s not exactly like the myth about lemmings who jump off cliffs and die, it’s more like a long journey before something calls these teenagers home. If you take out the clothes and look past the juvenile intentions, you can just see that these are just teenagers who are trying to enjoy something to do.

CHVRCHES’ album Every Open Eye came out this September along with the band announcing some tour dates in the fall.