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For Fans Of: Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Big K.R.I.T., Ab-Soul, Aesop Rock, Das Racist

Run the Jewels have released their latest music video, this time for their track “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow)” from their new remix album, Meow the Jewels.

Meow the Jewels, an album by Just Blaze, is a cat-themed remix of the recent Run the Jewels album Run the Jewels 2. It was just released last Friday. In keeping with the feline theme, the video features a couple of cats as well. However, these are no ordinary house cats – these cats are giants who are intent on terrorizing several city blocks with fiery explosions and laser vision. Despite the evidently low budget of the music video, it’s a perfect visual representation of the internet as a whole and will likely become a popular video. Watch it for yourself below.


Run the Jewels have been busy over the past year or two, with albums, singles, live performances, political discourse and musical collaborations. They were chosen to participate in the Adult Swim Singles Series for 2015, along with eclectic artists such as Sia, Kitty and Slayer. They also appeared on the recent debut album from Big Grams, the supergroup created by electronic rock duo Phantogram and rapper Big Boi (get more details here).

During a black cab session in London, the hip-hop duo consisting of El-P and Killer Mike performed their track “Early” from their most recent album. Also across the pond, Run the Jewels put on a live show at Banksy’s Dismaland, an installation which the mysterious street artist refers to as a bemusement park.

In the realm of politics rather than music, Killer Mike (real name Michael Render) planned to run for Georgia’s state legislature as a write-in candidate, but failed to announce his intentions beforehand, preventing him from becoming a valid political candidate.