Review by Lani W and Mark A, Photos by Mark A & Angela K

For Fans Of: Haerts, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr, Gold Fields, Haim, Superhumanoids, Pure Bathing Culture

I had never heard of The Colourist before this night but I always enjoying listening to openers of large and well known bands such as The Naked and Famous, especially at such a large venue such as House of Blues.  This was actually the band’s 2nd time in Dallas; the first was opening for Metric back in April of this year. I sat outside the venue before the show began to crowd gaze and I noticed that they were mostly young college adults who probably heard TNAF singles on 102.1 The Edge and were here for a good time. After getting my tickets and finding a spot in the crowd, which turned out to be a spot by some of the taller jock attendees, I waited for the lights to dim and the music the begin.


The first song The Colourist played shocked me because I saw three guys and an amazingly beautiful lady, playing drums and singing lead vocals; her voice flowed naturally, while she beat the drums in perfect sync to the music. You could see the crowd was like a bunch of zombies, staring at a snowy television set. It wasn’t until they played “Fix This” that you began to see the crowd sway a little with the beat like trees in a soft breeze; this made me smile, and I closed my eyes to become fully present with their song. As I opened my eyes I saw an even more enlivened crowd; it was like they had just been injected with an adrenaline shot as the crowd began singing along with the lyrics.

The set ended and quickly the attention of the crowd went back to conversing and sipping on their alcoholic concoctions.  There is nothing like seeing a crowd go from flatline to alive in just three songs, which The Colourist had managed to do in their set.  I have definitely added The Colourist to my menu of artist to see again, maybe at an outside venue where I can be in touch with my surroundings and let their mellow undertones be the soundtrack of my night.


For Fans Of: Grouplove, M83, Matt & Kim, The Xx, Two Door Cinema Club, Joy Formidable

The headliners of the evening, The Naked And Famous, were up next.  Hailing from New Zealand, Australia the band has now made their 2nd stop in Dallas; their first being back in 2011 at the Granada Theater, which they sold out.  We were there for that show as well and this one was no different, filled almost to capacity with ever anxious fans waiting to hear and see them.

For what seemed like almost eternity (really only 30 mins) after The Colourist finished their set, TNAF took the stage moments after the house lights went dim and the crowd went crazy.  A bright light had appeared from behind the back-right of the stage to reveal the band members walking out one by one.  Alisa (lead vocals) was the first one to walk onto the stage followed by Thom and the rest of the group.  The lighting effect looked as if they were walking through a portal onto the stage and gave an awesome aura effect.


Shooting from the photo pit, I had a front row seat to the opening 3 songs which is always a benefit of doing what I do.  Trying to shoot the first song was almost impossible due to the constant strobes flashing in between beats and almost gave me a seizure; I sure hope there were no persons in the crowd with an epileptic diagnosis or they would be in for quite a trip, literally.  Every few moments I would turn around to grab a few shots of the crowd and noticed that the fans in the balcony were having just as much fun as the ones down in the pit.  There were people standing and dancing in their seats and others cheering and singing along from the guard rail.  The band had the entire house moving and dancing the moment they came onto the stage; their presence is truly electrifying and they really know how to keep the crowd entertained throughout their entire set; their set list consisted of songs from both their previous and current albums.


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