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Review and Photos by Lani Walker

For Fans Of: Dead Meadow, Red Fang, Sleep, Reignwolf, Pallbearer, Om

I was first introduced to All Them Witches from an amazing friend, and when I first listened to them I was mesmerized by their sound. Their sound was like a flashback to when the guitar was the voice rather than the singer. I couldn’t get enough of their music, and their album Lightning at the Door was the album that helped me process some intense emotions at the time. When I asked to cover their show, needless to say I was ecstatic.

All Them Witches is a band from Nashville, TN with a psychedelic blues sound.The Nashville band played this year’s Scion Rock Fest and they recently taped a Daytrotter session. I can honestly describe them as the Black Keys meets Black Sabbath and I think that’s a perfect description, if you throw in a little Southern Rock as well.

They played at The Double Wide in Dallas, and I haven’t been to that venue in years. I forgot how much I loved The Double Wide with their tailgate benches and toilet’s as chairs. The graffiti on the walls, matches the crowd with graffiti on their bodies.

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When the band took the stage I was giggity with anticipation. They started the show with one of my favorites Funeral for a Great Drunken Bird. Listening to this song via Spotify did NOT give justice for the live version. You could feel every rip deep inside you, and you couldn’t help but tap your toes with the occasional HELL YEAH. You know you are a great band when the opening act Mothership sits in to listen and is swaying with the audience as well. The mesmerizing sounds reminded me of The Doors, Black Sabbath and the Blacks Keys having a child.

They closed the show with another one of my favorite songs Charles Williams which is the song that I listen to when I feel apart from, or lost in the world. For some reason this song alone can pull me out of any weird feeling, and breathe life back into my soul.

I can honestly say this is my favorite band for 2014, and for years to come. I will definitely be a fan for life, and thank them for contributing a masterpiece to the world of music.

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Robby Staebler – Drums
Michael Parks, Jr – Bass
Allan Van Cleave – Fender Rhodes
Ben McLeod – Electric Guitar